Two More Gender Assignment Surgeries

Two more gender assignment surgeris are performed by Dr. Suleyman TAS at Trakya University.

Dr. TAS gave information about the condition of patients after the operations. Dr. TAS stating that the patients went through the psychiatric phase before the surgery,

“The patients see themselves as male. They live with positive prospects after the surgery and decide on the operation with their families. We take the patient’s breasts first. We take the uterus and ovaries and perform an external masculinity surgery.” He added that the genitals were transplanted with the tissues taken from the foot area.

42 years old patient (T.G.), who had an operation last Friday, said, “I feel like a male since I know myself. A great happiness and change for me. The famous actress Rüzgar Erkoçlar was a role model for me to have this surgery.

22 years old the other patient (E.G.) said, “I finally realized my dreams”.