Breast Augmentation



Breast augmentation surgeries are one of top 3 aesthetic surgeries in Turkey and in the world.  Patient satisfaction is quite high in this group of surgeries because an individual who has had small breast in her whole life has finally those long-desired breasts after the surgery. Breasts are organs which are important for women in social life. We need to give the same importance to it too. Therefore a number of surgical methods and techniques have been developed for mammoplasty and billions of dollars have so far been used for it.

Breast implants are the most commonly and widely used method of augmentation mammoplasty in the world.  Cutting-edge breast implants that are almost perfect thanks to new technology in the last 50 years promise natural and aesthetically perfect results, and patient satisfaction rate is very high. The new implants have also reduced the breast cancer risk, which often causes people to remain at a safe distance from mammoplasty surgeries. Interestingly, it has been determined, as mentioned above, that people that are happy with their breasts run less risk of having a breast cancer. Breast implants do not pose an obstacle for breast cancer screening and diagnosis or breastfeeding.


With the current state of the art technologies, the possibility of bursting of breast implants containing cohesive gels, causing cancer or causing reactions has ceased to exist. Once placed, implants can stay there for the rest of one’s life, and do not need removal.

Alternative to breast implants, a recently preferred technique of lipofilling is also used for breast enlargement surgeries. Fat injected in breasts are, unlike any other part of the body, very unlikely to dissolve in time. Generally speaking, 80% of fat injected remains in breasts.

Breast implants can be put via axillar approach, periaerolar approach, inframammarial approach or umbilical approach. I personally prefer using the inframammarial approach, which is also the most common technique (with 90%) in the world as this allows the most beautiful shape of breasts on one hand and minimises potential complications in the post-operative process on the other hand.

Likewise, breast implants can be placed under breast tissue, under subfacial of the pectoral muscle pleura or under pectoral muscle itself. A decision is made depending on the breast tissue of the patient. If the breast tissue of the patient is sufficient, the breast implants look natural as there are adequate tissues to cover the implants. But in case of little or no breast tissue, then the implants are placed under the pectoral muscles to hide them. In all 3 approaches, the implants are placed under mammary glands and the breast tissue, thus they neither pose a threat or obstacle for breastfeeding nor confusion in cancer screening.

Breast implants are of a great variety including without limitation anatomic, round, high definition, low definition, moderate definition, scabrous surface, smooth surface. Volume of these implants varies from small to large in size, too. Original form of breasts, desired size of breasts and ideal form of breasts are all considered and play an important role in determining the breast implant for surgery. Upright breasts, cleavage breasts or large breasts?

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