Breast Reconstruction



Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer after skin cancer. Approximately 1 million people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the world. Motivation and psychology are two crucial factors in breast cancer as in the case with every other disease. Studies demonstrate that demoralisation and psychological dysfunction accelerate the course of disease, and result in relapses or failure in treatment. When this is the case, it becomes necessary to simultaneously perform breast cancer surgery and breast reconstruction surgery in order to correct or eliminate in the first place the psychological disorder and adverse effects of not having breasts due to breast cancer. In this way, the patient undergoes a breast cancer surgery and does not have to give up on her breasts, on the contrary she gets her breasts reconstructed.

Breast reconstruction surgeries are recognised as an integral part of breast cancer treatments in the entire world today. American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) resolved in 2010 and made it compulsory for all breast cancer patients to be provided with information about breast reconstruction methods during cancer treatment. Breast cancer patients are recommended to ask for further information about breast reconstruction methods from their doctor.

There are quite a number of methods available and in use for breast reconstruction. Ideal method should be selected for the patient. For instance, if the patient has saggy abdominal skin; saggy skin and fat tissues are extruded, reconstructed and transplanted to breasts by using microsurgical techniques (DIEP flap). In this way, the patient gets rid of saggy skin in an abdominoplasty surgery, and has her breast replaced with reconstructed ones. Or breast implants can be resorted to for breast reconstruction if there is adequate breast tissue left in a skin sparing mastectomy surgery in the cancerous breast area. Other techniques can be listed as follows: Latissimus dorsi muscle flap, breast reconstruction with expanders and implants, breast reconstruction with lipofilling, breast reconstruction by microsurgical techniques, i.e., muscle and skin from thighs, and breast reconstruction with transverse rectus abdominis (TRAM) flap.

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