Breast Reduction







Back and lumbar pains, bra dents, perspiration in summer are all severe problems for women with large breasts. Breast reduction surgery enables elimination of all these problems by way of breasts reduction in proportion to the body.

Breast reduction is an important surgery for people that have large breasts as they often have self-confidence problems with their partner, circle of friends and also with themselves in their social life.

I have had patients who had been mocked by their friends for the size of their breasts, suffered from psychological depression and dropped out of school. Some of them revealed that they divorced as the spouse mocked her, or had to take more than enough pills due to back and lumbar pains. It is a source of joy for me to make them happy and go out in public again.

The major problem with people with large breasts is that they get mentally depressed, and want to get rid of their breasts. As a result, they only urge to undergo a surgery and do not take time to make a detailed research about the surgery in advance. I am of the opinion that the essential purpose of breast reduction surgeries must be reducing the size of breast for a better look and in proportion to the patient’s complexion and without setting a barrier for breastfeeding or causing nipple numbness.

In other words, it should not come up with a solution for a problem on  one hand and leading to other problems on the other hand. An ideal reduction mammoplasty surgery should promise problem-free and excellent breasts.’

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