Brow Lift

Brow Lift/Brow Aesthetics

Eyebrows tend to sag as we age. This results in a tired and sad expression. Saggy look triggers bag formation on the upper eyelid to an extent that may even block eyesight. Unless it is severe to that, botox can be applied for lifting brows up to 1 cm. But if the brows still look saggy, endoscopic or classical techniques that involve intervention in the hair can be used for lifting the brows. Alternatively, non-operative brow lift is also possible by way of threads, but its efficacy lasts relatively shorter. The advantage is that it can be applied in office environment. In case of bag formations on the upper eyelid, while removing the bag formations upon the upper eyelid, an intervention can be made through the incision to lift the brows simultaneously. This renders incision in the hair unnecessary.

Ideal eyebrow shapes vary depending on societies, cultural differences; however there is a precise shape for men and women. Apart from that, new shape of eyebrows is determined during a consultation between the patient and the doctor in advance. Even though droopy brows cause an older look, extremely lifted eyebrows look unnatural.

Brow lift is an easy and convenient surgical operation. The result is immediately visible after surgery and patient satisfaction is high in this operation. The operation can be combined with temporal lift and upper eyelid bag removal.

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