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Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty

In this article I will talk about the Atraumatic approach which is my special practice in closed rhinoplasty technique and I use in my clinical practice and in my scientific studies.

Closed rhinoplasty refers to a technique where surgical incisions are positioned inside the nostrils with no external scar to shape the nose. At this point, no incision or scar is created on the nose and the appearance of an “operated” or “surgical” nose is avoided. But the closed rhinoplasty technique should not only consist of preventing a scar on this skin. Then I need to immediately explain the meaning of the “Atraumatic” word here. The word “atraumatic” is a Latin word which is designed to minimize tissue damage and means not causing injury or trauma. This is a surgical philosophy that can be adapted to all surgeries. Because it answers the question of how to operate the most gentle, kindest and without harming anything. And this philosophy is valid for every stage of surgery. Since the incision on the nose may cause a scar, “Atraumatic” philosophy determines rhinoplasty as closed rhinoplasty technique.

For example; To remove bump in nose we can get through the nostrils and reach nasal bone. While doing that we can do it with under the skin/fascia plan which will cause damage on blood vessels and will create more edema and brusing after the operation or with a submembranous dissection plan which will give us the opportunity to not cause any damage on blood vessels.

Another example; there is a dropped nose tip and we want to lift it. While doing this if we can protect pitanguy ligament, we can ensure that tip of the nose does not lose its flexibility and sensibility.

One last example; there is an excessive cartilage at the tip of the nose and it makes the nose look wider. Instead of cutting this cartilage, it may be possible to fold this cartilage to make the nose both narrower and stronger. It is possible to give many examples like these.

In other words, Atraumatic Technique is a progressive approach that changes every step of the surgery and looks for how to do without harming anything as desired.

As you can tell from what I have told, the fundamental and important thing is the Atraumatic Approach. Closed rhinoplasty technique was preferred by me, because it helps atraumatic approach. As a result, Closed and Atraumatic Technique is the result of an effort to do your best.


Dr. Suleyman TAS

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Süleyman Taş

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