Liposuction, Lipoplasty

We have 2 subcutaneous fat tissues in our body. One of them is the surficial fat tissue immediately under the skin that is affected by gaining or losing weight while the other is the profound fat tissue that relies on genetic and structural features and is not affected by gaining or losing weight.

One cannot avoid lipoidosis on thighs and hips despite dieting and exercises after 30 years of age. Going on a diet and exercising may lead to sunken facial complexion, breasts are discharged but fat on the thighs is still there.

This may be a problem even for a very young age. This is a medical condition called lipodystrophy in which distribution of fat in the body is not equal.

In this case cannula is used for going through subcutaneous skin for liposuction, that is, extrusion of fat in problematic part of the body.

This revolutionary procedure in plastic surgery is commonly used in the world. But it is worth expressing that liposuction is not a method for losing weight but a method of corrective intervention in problematic parts of the body.

In addition, recent studies demonstrate that in the patients who have been unable to get rid of their body fat, insulin resistence, which underlies the Diabetes Type II, does not occur since the body fat is removed by liposuction.  Thus, their risk of suffering from diabetes reduces

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