Neck Lift

boyun-germeNeck plays a crucial role for a rejuvenated look. As we age, neck becomes prone to wrinkles, sagging, fatty deposits or bands. Once the problem is identified and an appropriate surgical method is selected, the problems can be eliminated easily. In case of excess fatty deposits under the jowl lines, also known as double chin colloquially, liposuction can be applied to eliminate it. Otherwise if fatty deposits are accompanied by submandibuler glands, also known as inflated salivary glands, then the tissues responsible for inflation under the chin may be removed with a small incision under the chin that is not visible to the eye. In case of neck bands, also called platysma, due to trapezius muscle on the neck, this can be eliminated non-surgically with botox injections.  If neck bands are accompanied with sagging, the excessive skin on the neck can be removed with incisions from the anterior ears to the posteriors -again invisible to the eye-for a tighter and wrinkle-free skin. Neck lift procedure can be applied to eligible patients with the method of thread facelift, a non-surgical face lift procedure involving subcutaneous threads.

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