Nose Surgery in Turkey

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

This week’s post was prepared for our patients who live abroad and want to come to Istanbul, Turkey for nose surgery.

Turkey is among the top 10 countries to be a health center in the world with having expert and well-trained doctors, offering high-quality services and safe treatment options in hospitals, and having a strategic location that enables patients to visit easily. Especially there is a high demand for Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

It is possible to have an effective and efficient process with the patients who come to Turkey from abroad for a nose job as it is with our patients from Turkey. Detailed examination processes with each patient can be completed step by step before and after the nose surgery. These steps, for patients who live in Turkey, are listed below;


Before Nose Surgery:

Initial Examination and Consultation

This is basically the stage of meeting with the doctor. The doctor examines and determines whether the patient is medically appropriate for the nose surgery. The patient is informed about aesthetic, functional deformities and interventions and preparations that will help to fix it. Later, the next step is taken.

Second Examination and Consultation

This is a more detailed examination for the patient who is eligible for nose surgery. The patient’s deformities and all details of what can be done for these deformities are discussed and after that, a simulation is prepared. Later, the operation date is determined and hospital reservations are made.

Third Examination and Consultation

This step is performed for the blood test and other procedures that need to be done before the operation. The patient visits the hospital and meets with the anesthesiologist.

Fourth Examination and Consultation

This step is the last one before the nose surgery and is held a few days before the surgery. The doctor sees the patient and takes note of technical interventions for the operation.


After Nose Surgery:

The patient who had nose surgery stays 1 night at the hospital and next day doctor visits the patient and discharges the patient. The patient comes to 1st week, 2nd month and 1st year controls after surgery. All operated patients are called regularly by our clinic and they can reach whenever they want.


This process has also been simplified for patients from abroad. The special processes for patients coming from abroad for a nose surgery in Turkey are as follows;

  • Patients from abroad and our clinic assistants are making detailed phone calls. Patients are asked to send a video which is seen by the doctor. Thus, a virtual examination and consultation are performed between the patient and doctor.
  • After the virtual examination and consultation, an operation date is set for the patient who is medically appropriate for the nose surgery and a detailed examination appointment is scheduled for a few days before the surgery.
  • The patient visits the clinic at the date of appointment, all aesthetic and functional deformities, details of the operation, simulation is held at this meeting. Then, the patient visits the hospital to meet with the anesthesiologist and having the blood tests.
  • The patient, who has an operation day in advance, is taken to the nose surgery in a few days after the detailed examination and consultation.
  • After 1 week of the nose surgery, the patient can return to the back home. Saving total 10 quality days is enough for the nose surgery. The 2nd month and 1st year controls are planned and patients from abroad are welcomed to come to the controls. If they cannot make it, we ask for a video to be shown to the doctor. But it is very important to attend 2 month and 1 year follow up appointments to have a healthy and complete rhinoplasty process.

Thanks to this special program, it is convenient and easy for patients coming from abroad and wanting to have a nose surgery in Turkey.

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