Penis Enlargement-Phalloplasty

Penis Enlargement-Phalloplasty

Penis size changes from society to society. A normal penis size ranges between 12 and 15 cm in our society.

What does penis enlargement mean and in which condition is it performed? Apart from the outer part, penis has an inner part, too. Penis enlargement surgery involves a small incision from the stem of the penis and the inside is extruded out in order to enlarge the size by 3 to 4 cm.

In case of buried penis, the penis seems buried due to overweight and prevents sexual intercourse. In this case, fat tissue surrounding the girth of the penis and excess fold of skin are removed. This surgery can be combined with a penis enlargement surgery, if desired.

What actually maters for sexual pleasure is not the size but the girth of the penis, therefore girth of the penis can be enhanced by way of lipofilling. Fat tissue extruded from the abdominal area is injected to penis for enhanced girth.

For the avoidance of doubt, these surgeries are not performed for erectile dysfunction, also known as impotency colloquially. As an impotent man has erectile disorders, penile implant pumps or malleable penile implants, also known as joysticks, are recommended instead.