Questions About Nose Jobs

Questions About Rhinoplasty
  1. Am I a good candidate for a Nose Job?
    Everyone is not a good candidate for a nose job. It is important that the patient is ready in terms of health, mental, and physical.


  1. Does my nose tip go down after a Nose Job?
    At the beginning of the healing period, it is normal to see the nose a little up than normal. Because of the pressure of the cast that put just after the surgery and the swelling on the nose. However, with the reduction of swellings, the nose will be in the desired form. After the healing phase is completed, your nose tip will not go down. With an experienced surgeon, you will not face any dropping issue after the nose job.


  1. Do I experience numbness after a Nose Job?
    At the beginning of the post-operative period, It is normal to experience numbness in the tip of the nose, upper front teeth or roof of the mouth. But it is a temporary situation. You will get back the feeling within the healing process.


  1. Will I be able to reach the result immediately after the Nose Job?
    The final result is not visible immediately. The duration of recovery may vary from person to person, depending on the skin quality and the interventions that done to the patient.


  1. Is it possible to make the nose smaller by massage, without a surgery?
    It is not possible to make the nose smaller without any surgical procedure.


  1. Does my voice change after a Nose Job?
    It is not possible to change your voice as there is no intervention to your vocal chords during the surgical procedure.


  1. Am I too old for a Nose Job?
    For females the age of 17 and for males the age of 18 should be completed. We can say 40 for the upper age limit.


  1. Will the shape of my lips change after a Nose Job?
    There will be no change if there is no intervention to the lips.


  1. Will I experience loss of smell after a Nose Job?
    In the first days after surgery, swelling may cause a temporary loss of smell and taste, but the nose will have its normal function as soon as possible. It is very minor probability to experience permanent loss of smell or taste.


  1. Can I do sports after a Nose Job?
    Doing heavy sports can cause bleeding due to pressure on veins. 8 weeks after the nose job, you can do sports in a regular routine.
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