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Revision Rhinoplasty in Turkey

This week’s article will be based on Revision Rhinoplasty as understood from the title which is practiced by Suleyman TAS, MD in Turkey many times in a day. With this enriched article, you will find answers to many of your questions. We wish you a pleasant reading.

What does revision rhinoplasty mean?

Revision rhinoplasty refers to a surgical procedure designed to repair both form and function of a nose that had undergone one or more operations before. It is the revision of the dissatisfaction that may occur after the rhinoplasty that had before. These dissatisfactions can be about breathing or aesthetic appearance.

Revision rhinoplasties are needed because nasal aesthetic surgery is one of the most difficult procedure of all plastic surgery procedures. According to medical literature data, revision rate after nasal aesthetic surgery is 5% or 20%. Revision rhinoplasties tend to be a more difficult and complex procedure than primary rhinoplasties, which makes it necessary for patients to find a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Revision rhinoplasties can be evaluated as minor and major revision rhinoplasty. Minor revision rhinoplasties last about 45 minutes. Major revision rhinoplasties last 5-6 hours.

Patients who decide to have a revision rhinoplasty and the surgeon who will perform this surgery need to consider some subjects. These:


  • What are the deformities?

Before the surgery, the deformities should be identified well and explained to the patient clearly. The patients should be informed about the interventions that will be done during the surgery. The patient’s expectation and the realistic result to be achieved should be evaluated together with the surgeon.


  • Which technique should be used?

There are many techniques used to get the best results in rhinoplasty. The technique that will be used will be determined by the surgeon in-line with the patient’s deformities. The revision rhinoplasty procedures are more challenging than primary rhinoplasty procedures. Technically, it requires more importance and better planning. Cartilage in the nose may not be sufficient due to interventions and deformities of the nose. In those cases, it is necessary to take cartilage from behind the ear or from the rib. In revision rhinoplasty and primer rhinoplasty procedures, Suleyman TAS, MD uses Closed Technique and can do all interventions with this technique.


  • What are the stages for revision rhinoplasty procedures?

The patient should be informed about all stages of the procedure and the patient should be aware of it. The first stage is the detailed examination. If everything goes well and the patient is medically appropriate for the revision rhinoplasty, the operation date is determined after the detailed examination. Pre-operative blood tests and anesthesia preparations are planned. Revision rhinoplasty procedures are performed under general anesthesia. The other important stage before the operation is the detailed examination. In this stage, the surgeon takes detailed notes about the operation and the technique to be used. It is recommended to stay at the hospital for one night after the operation. After one week, the splint will be removed and the patients can return their social and work life.


  • How is the healing process for revision rhinoplasty?

The healing process for revision rhinoplasty lasts longer than primer rhinoplasty. The deformities from the previous surgery directly affect the new surgery. After a successful revision rhinoplasty, minor problems may occur. They can be eliminated with surgical or non-surgical interventions. Total recovery time lasts two years. Because the time is long, patients need to have patience.


To positively affect and accelerate the healing process, the patients should prepare themselves psychologically apart from the physical and the spiritual. It is necessary to establish a trust-based relationship with the surgeon and think positively. During the healing period, the patients should be under control and the patients must follow the instructions given by the surgeon.

Süleyman Taş

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